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The metals used by Top Image Jewellery are of the highest quality, with no compromises, as opposed to production jewellery (jewellery made in bulk).

Top Image produces jewellery that retains its original colour (white gold stays strong and white, gold stays gold), minimises the amount of scratching and dinting, and as a result mitigates the possibility of loosing a diamond.

All Top Image Jewellery is designed in-house, and is handmade by our qualified jeweller.

Production jewellery on the other hand, uses a combination of software and low quality metals to keep costs low.

As a result, long term wearing of production jewellery often results in the discolouration of the metal, high amount of scratching and dinting of the metal, and a high possibility of losing the diamond.

Colour Loss

Ring on the left is production made and has turned yellow over its life span.


The rings on the left made by TIJ have stayed white and strong, the production ring (far right) has turned yellow.



Mass Production design tools produce inferior products, that will not last the test of time!