Well, the time has come to bring a refreshing update & overhaul to The Top Image Website.
Our old TIJ website certainly served its purpose and done great for what it was, but with the highlighted importance of online presence & functionality we needed something new. As with our jewellery, we endeavoured to seek out the best in web design, and the search ended with Melbourne based web design company – Visual Syrup. We wanted a website that was exciting to browse through, something that showcased our stunning craftsmanship, and something that looked clean & responsive on mobile devices. To say the least, we are extremely happy with the new TIJ look & design!
As time goes on, our new site is set to grow. We will be adding more stunning Top Image Jewellery work, and lots of other news & updates as well. Be sure to check back here regularly.

Check out Visual Syrup web design here: www.visualsyrup.com.au