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What sets Top Image Jewellery apart from other jewellers ?

We guarantee our work, and all our pieces are accompanied by a lifetime warranty.
As well as our quality workmanship, we also hold the lowest prices in Australia.

How can one make such an assurance?

Top Image Jewellery only uses the best metals, the highest & most distinctively cut diamonds that are thoroughly assessed and graded before they are sold. All diamonds are handset, and all jewellery are independently valued ethically.

If a diamond is not cut to our standard, we refuse to sell it, we take pride in the product that we sell. Further, we will not place a beautiful diamond in a low cast mould ring whereby it will only discolour and run the risk of diamond loss. We fuss and care in what we give. When people wear our rings they wear our reputation.


Top Image Jewellery’s expansion is derived from regular clients that travel across the world, and highly reputable celebrities that embrace in wearing their jewellery.
You name it they can make it. Nothing too small is rejected. The team at Top Image Jewellery is a specialised company that creates dreams and a thousand smiles.

For further information & for any enquiries, please contact us.

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